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Navigator United Group was founded in 1990 with the ambition to become the most respected and dependable company in maritime navigation and communication equipment service in Kuwait. Over the ensuring years, our unwavering priority to customer satisfaction and our ability to accurately predict and expand services to meet our customer's future needs have rewarded us with unprecedented success. Today, Navigator United Group provides a comprehensive set of services from sales and marketing to installation, commissioning, repair, and end of life decommissioning of myriad navigational and communication equipment for airway, terrestrial, and maritime needs.
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Foreign suppliers for sales and/or servicing

    • RAYTHEON ANSCHUTZ (Germany): Radars & Communications Equipments
    • HAGENUK MARINE (Germany): For Communications
    • KODEN ELECTRONIC CO (Japan): Marine Navigation Equipment
    • JOTRON (Norway): Marine Equipment & Communications
    • MACCAY Radio & General Communications (U.S.A): Provider of Radio & General Communications
    • NORCONTROL Surveillance Systems (Norway): Advanced Surveillance Systems
    • FURUNO (Japan): Navigation Equipments
    • TUNAV: Tracking, Monitoring Systems
    • FORCE WARE (Germany): Security Tools and Equipments
    • VALLON (Germany): Demining and Safety Equipments and Tools
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